• Lindsey Chastain

Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Want to clean your whole house but find you don't have the motivation? That's most of us.

The trick is to break things down into daily tasks and get your kids on board with helping for their daily chores.

I have found that what happens is that each week this gets a little easier. It's a lot easier to keep a space clean than to start from scratch each time you get a chance. Plus, that allows me for more time to deep clean.

When I was cleaning the bedroom yesterday, I discovered it took me 2/3 of the time it normally does, so I used the extra time to wash the light globes. Deep cleaning!

Here is the breakdown of what I do each day of the week along with my daily cleaning and what I have the kids do.

One kid wipes down the main bathroom each day and takes out the trash. The other kid sweeps (until we get a vacuum cleaner that works). Those 15-20 minutes they spend on daily maintenance saves me a lot of time!

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